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Effect of a serogroup A meningococcal conjugate vaccine (PsA–TT) on serogroup A meningococcal meningitis and carriage in Chad: a community trial

D M Daugla , J P Gami, K Gamougam, N Naibei, L Mbainadji, M Narbé, J Toralta, B Kodbesse, C Ngadoua, M E Coldiron, F Fermon, A-L Page, M H Djingarey, S Hugonnet, O B Harrison, L S Rebbetts, Y Tekletsion, E R Watkins, D Hill, D A Caugant, D Chandramohan, M Hassan-King, O Manigart, M Nascimento, A Woukeu, C Trotter, J M Stuart, M C J Maiden, B M Greenwood.



Background A serogroup A meningococcal poly saccharide–tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine (PsA–TT, MenAfriVac) was licensed in India in 2009, and pre-qualifi ed by WHO in 2010, on the basis of its safety and immunogenicity. This vaccine is now being deployed across the African meningitis belt. We studied the eff ect of PsA–TT on meningococcal meningitis and carriage in Chad during a serogroup A meningococcal meningitis epidemic…